Efficion Consulting - DotNetNuke Related Articles http://www.efficionconsulting.com/DotNetNuke DotNetNuke (DNN) Consultants and Experts in St. Louis, Missouri - RSS Feed en-us david@efficionconsulting.com david@efficionconsulting.com Friday, March 22, 2019 EfficionConsulting Articles Module (www.efficionconsulting.com) Copyright 2019, Efficion Consulting Free SSL Certificates through Lets Encrypt for DNN I recently saw some articles about well-respected free SSL certificates from Lets Encrypt. Not only are Let's Encrypt certificates free, but they are also much easier to setup because the whole process is automated and, once you've got DNN properly configured, completes in about 10 seconds as opposed to a whole lot of manual steps for most SSL Certs. Most of the Lets Encrypt stuff is intended for Linux machines but there are now nice solutions for Windows Servers running IIS. As I tried to add a certificate to a DNN site, I ran into a few issues but they were fairly easy to solve. There are a couple other blogs that describe similar solutions, this one uses the LetsEncrypt-Win-Simple command line utility but is otherwise nice and simple. I prefer, the Certify The Web application as it has a nice UI and is simple to use. http://www.efficionconsulting.com/DotNetNuke/ctl/details/itemid/687/mid/1747/free-ssl-certificates-through-lets-encrypt-for-dnn David O'Leary Wed, 02 May 2018 00:00:00 GMT Determine if SmarterMail 16+ is being used as an open relay Look at Reports -> Message Traffic. Look at the total number of messages being sent  under Trend mode. Then switch to Domain mode and verify the numbers are similar.  Search your Delivery Logs (Manage -> Troubleshooting -> View Logs) for "Sending remote mail" and verify all the email addresses involved are valid for your server.  Check your Spool - you may have a bunch of emails trying to go to invalid email addresses. http://www.efficionconsulting.com/DotNetNuke/ctl/details/itemid/686/mid/1747/determine-if-smartermail-16-is-being-used-as-an-open-relay Administrator Account Fri, 06 Oct 2017 10:28:03 GMT Dynalabs Efficion has been working with Dynalabs in a wide variety of roles including: work on their public WordPress site; complete development of a company Intranet, and helping with development of an Extranet / Web Application for their clients. Efficion spends 16 hours a week on site at Dynalabs as well as doing additional work off site. Technologies: KnockoutJS, Javascript, DNN, WordPress, PHP, MVC, SQL Server http://www.efficionconsulting.com/DotNetNuke/ctl/details/itemid/685/mid/1747/dynalabs Administrator Account Mon, 25 Sep 2017 00:00:00 GMT GotThisIdea.com Do you have an idea that you think could make some money are solve a real issue? Do you need help bringing that idea to life? Money, marketing, manufacturing, technical help, ... Then GotThisIdea.com is the site for you. Just $25 to put your idea in front of the people that can help you make it happen, or just by your idea from you. Technologies: DNN, Responsive, HTML5, Video, KendoUI, WebAPI http://www.efficionconsulting.com/DotNetNuke/ctl/details/itemid/684/mid/1747/gotthisideacom Administrator Account Thu, 31 Aug 2017 00:00:00 GMT Version 5.0 of Efficion's Articles Module for DNN Coming Soon We've been hard at work on version 5.0 of Efficion's Articles module. The new version features the following changes: New underlying technologies : Built in C# instead of VB and is now a compiled DLL rather than a WSP project. Open Source and shared development: The Articles module will have the MIT license to allow anyone to use it for anything for free. We'll be posting the code on GitHub and DNN's forge and encouraging others to contribute. New Data Access Model : Uses PetaPoco / DAL2 for most data access providing improved performance and flexibility and resulting in much cleaner and simpler code. Improve templates: we've cleaned up templates to make the code cleaner, eliminate all layout tables, and allow a lot more flexibility in design using only CSS. DNN Compatibility: We're targeting DNN 7 and 8 with this release and removing all outdated calls to old code Improve install and upgrade experience: We've updated our manifests and install files for an improved experience. Lots More: There's are lots of addition improvements coming in this release. We'll provide more detail at release time. http://www.efficionconsulting.com/DotNetNuke/ctl/details/itemid/680/mid/1747/version-50-of-efficions-articles-module-for-dnn-coming-soon Administrator Account Mon, 09 Nov 2015 00:00:00 GMT KennerlyCustomHomes.com Kennerly Custom Homes wanted a very clean modern looking site that looked good on any device. Efficion built this responsive site on DNN using the latest technologies and design trends. Technologies: DNN, Responsive Design, Javascript http://www.efficionconsulting.com/DotNetNuke/ctl/details/itemid/676/mid/1747/kennerlycustomhomescom Administrator Account Thu, 06 Aug 2015 00:00:00 GMT DSIJobs.net A new budget-friendly website for Dedicated Staffing, Inc. The site includes a custom, modern, responsive design and a Job Board that makes it easy for DSI to add open positions and for potential candidates to apply and upload their resume Technologies: WordPress, jQuery, Bootstrap. http://www.efficionconsulting.com/DotNetNuke/ctl/details/itemid/675/mid/1747/dsijobsnet Administrator Account Tue, 21 Jul 2015 00:00:00 GMT CRMagnetics.com CRMagnetics needed a new website that provided E-Commerce capabilities, parametric search capabilities, backend integration with their existing MAS inventory and pricing system, improved search engine rankings, intuitive navigation, and a modern custom appearance. Technologies: AbleCommerce http://www.efficionconsulting.com/DotNetNuke/ctl/details/itemid/616/mid/1747/crmagneticscom Administrator Account Fri, 01 May 2015 00:00:00 GMT Barlow Productions A new site for a local photography and video production company. We optimized the site to improve load time, made it easy for the client to add dynamic content like blogs and articles, did Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to ensure they ranked well for relevant searches. Technologies: DNN, jQuery, Responsive Web Design, Bootstrap http://www.efficionconsulting.com/DotNetNuke/ctl/details/itemid/674/mid/1747/barlow-productions Administrator Account Mon, 02 Mar 2015 00:00:00 GMT Articles 4.3.1 Released We've finally released version 4.3.1 of our free and open source Articles module for DNN. Key enhancements for this version include: Lots compatibility improvements for DNN 6 and 7. Conversion of EditArticle and Settings to DNNForms pattern Template Cleanup - Much less unnecessary markup generated by templates Lots of cleanup and reorganization of Settings page Adds Gravatar support for comments. Added Category Tabs control that allows Tabs of Categories to be displayed at the top of the module so users can filter by a Category by clicking on the corresponding tab. New SlideShow Templates New manifest file for improved install experience Other minor fixes and enhancements The download link is in the top left corner of this page. Enjoy! http://www.efficionconsulting.com/DotNetNuke/ctl/details/itemid/669/mid/1747/articles-431-released Administrator Account Fri, 16 May 2014 00:00:00 GMT Articles Module Free Again We've decided to stop selling the Articles module and just give it away for free like we did in the beginning. The download links will be available for everyone once we finish up 4.3. We also have plans to move the module into the DNNForge once we get further along in making the sweeping improvements we're planning. Stayed tuned! http://www.efficionconsulting.com/DotNetNuke/ctl/details/itemid/666/mid/1747/articles-module-free-again Administrator Account Fri, 17 Jan 2014 00:00:00 GMT Version 4.3 Coming Soon We've spent the last day working on improving the DNN 6-7 compatibility of the module and finishing up some of the updates that we've made since 4.2.7 was release long ago. 4.3 should be out soon and is hopefully the start of a much more active development path for Articles. http://www.efficionconsulting.com/DotNetNuke/ctl/details/itemid/668/mid/1747/version-43-coming-soon Administrator Account Fri, 17 Jan 2014 00:00:00 GMT Making Ventrian's Simple Gallery Responsive Ventrian has been making great DNN modules for many years now. Some of the modules though are beginning to show their age a bit and are using markup heavy techniques that were at one time common but can now be replaced with much cleaner CSS for most browsers. In particular, the Ventrian Gallery module wraps each photo in a table that has a cell for every corner and every side so that fancy borders can be added around the photos. This technique results in lots of extra markup and causes issues if you're wanting the gallery to be responsive (adjust to the users viewable area). It is actually fairly easy to make a few changes to cleanup the rendered HTML to allow for more modern and lightweight techniques for styling. We'll go through the steps... http://www.efficionconsulting.com/DotNetNuke/ctl/details/itemid/665/mid/1747/making-ventrians-simple-gallery-responsive Administrator Account Wed, 04 Dec 2013 00:00:00 GMT AbleCommerce: Improved Coupon Administration Page AbleCommerce is a great E-Commerce solution but there are a few areas that need improvement and Coupon administration is one of them. We've created a new version of the /Admin/Marketing/Coupons/Default.aspx page that filters out Used and Expired Coupons by default and lets you search for a particular coupon code quickly and easily. The code is quite simple so rather than try to sell this, we're making it available to everyone for free. Download the code To install the code, first, MAKE A BACKUP of the original files then simply replace Admin/Marketing/Coupons/Default.aspx and Admin/Marketing/Coupons/Default.aspx.cs with the corresponding files in the zip (do not place the files in the root of your install) and run the SQL in the root of the zip to create the Stored Procedure that is used by the code. We welcome suggestions for improvements to the code and would be happy to set it up on CodePlex or GitHub or similar so others can contribute. http://www.efficionconsulting.com/DotNetNuke/ctl/details/itemid/662/mid/1747/ablecommerce-improved-coupon-administration-page David O'Leary Thu, 13 Jun 2013 00:00:00 GMT AbleCommerce: Force Separate Shipments for some products One of our clients for which we built an AbleCommerce based E-Commerce site needed the ability to have certain items ship as a completely separate shipment from any other items in the users order, including if the user order multiples of the same item. AbleCommerce doesn't implement this functionality so we had to customize some of the existing functionality... http://www.efficionconsulting.com/DotNetNuke/ctl/details/itemid/661/mid/1747/ablecommerce-force-separate-shipments-for-some-products David O'Leary Wed, 05 Dec 2012 00:00:00 GMT Updating CSS with Client Resource Management enabled and without having to "Clear Cache" constantly I really like the idea of the Client Resource Management features added to DotNetNuke in version 6. But, it can make building a new skin or a new site on a live instance of DNN rather painful as any changes you make to the .CSS or .JS files won't be seen unless you clear the site's cache or put the site into DEBUG mode. In theory, all skin development should probably happen on a development instance and the live site should only be updated once the skin updates are complete. But, in practice, we find lots of cases where we do need to be able to make CSS updates to a live instance (though not necessarily a live site) of DNN. You can do this by updating the .css file and then clicking "Clear Cache" in the control panel. But, every time you do that, a new version of the combined files is created and users will need to download the file again. So, it's best to avoid that. What I've found works better is to create a section within your skin and for any changes you want to make, make those changes within that style section. Once you've got all your changes done, migrate them into the .css file and delete the section from the skin, and clear the cache. That method allows us to quickly and painlessly make changes. Also, for experimenting with minor updates, Firebug is a great tool as you can see what your changes will look like and then apply them when you're happy with them. Happy coding! http://www.efficionconsulting.com/DotNetNuke/ctl/details/itemid/658/mid/1747/updating-css-with-client-resource-management-enabled-and-without-having-to-clea David O'Leary Tue, 11 Sep 2012 00:00:00 GMT Resuming Active Development of the Articles module soon We know it's been far too long since we last updated the Articles module. We want to assure you that we haven't forgotten about the module and are planning on resuming active development of the module in the coming weeks. We got behind on several projects and are finally getting back on top of our workload. We definitely plan or bringing it up to speed with the latest 6.x enhancements including Taxonomy/Folksonomy, the new manifest, and integration with the new Journal API. We also have plans to simplify the architecture a bit. Once we do get it a bit more up to date, we plan on either putting it on codeplex/dnnforge for free or selling it more actively through the DNN Store. We apologize for the exceedingly long delay in releasing a new version, hopefully we can keep development more active from here on. http://www.efficionconsulting.com/DotNetNuke/ctl/details/itemid/657/mid/1747/resuming-active-development-of-the-articles-module-soon David O'Leary Wed, 29 Aug 2012 00:00:00 GMT Module Categories - Specifying Which Modules are Common Since the new Ribbon control panel for DotNetNuke has been out, it has seriously bugged me that when you go to add a module, the default module Category is Common and the only module in that category was the HTML module. Because of that, the new Category just made things more confusing. Today, an intern at one of my clients was trying to make a simple change to the home page of their site and added the Configuration Manager module to the home page. This caused the home page to force users to login and due to another issue caused an error for anyone going to the homepage. Bad. Once I got that fixed up, I finally had the needed incentive to dig a bit further into the Module Categories piece to help avoid this in the future. As it turns out, it's quite easy to add modules to the Common category. Just go to Host->Extensions and edit the module you want to add to Common. Then, select Common for the Module Category. That's it. Now that the Common category actually includes the common modules, I really like that feature and hope it will make it much easier (and safer) for our clients to edit their content. For our clients, we're doing this for all sites where clients edit there own content. Generally I include the following modules: Efficion's Articles, HTML, Documents, Links, and Ventrian Gallery. Learn more from this post from Charles Nurse on Module Categories http://www.efficionconsulting.com/DotNetNuke/ctl/details/itemid/654/mid/1747/module-categories-specifying-which-modules-are-common David O'Leary Tue, 19 Jun 2012 00:00:00 GMT Facebook blocks links to your site as Abusive or Spammy Facebook is an excellent way to spread the word about any consumer oriented business (restaurants, retail, services, online stores, ...). Whenever we build a consumer oriented site, we do our best to consider the best ways to leverage Facebook and other social media to ensure our clients get the best possible return from their website. One day, one of my clients noticed that when he tried to click on a link to his site through Facebook, the link was blocked with the following message: The link you are trying to visit has been reported as abusive by Facebook users. To learn more about staying safe on the internet, visit Facebook's Security Page. Please also read the Wikipedia articles on malware and phishing . It took us quite a bit of digging to figure out how to best address this and so I'm hoping I can make this process easier for others...  http://www.efficionconsulting.com/DotNetNuke/ctl/details/itemid/653/mid/1747/facebook-blocks-links-to-your-site-as-abusive-or-spammy Administrator Account Fri, 13 Apr 2012 00:00:00 GMT PLM - Pallet Logistics Management This new DotNetNuke-based website for PLM features a new Efficion designed logo, a custom DNN skin, custom photography, extensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO), lots of new original content, custom job listings, an online employment application, and much more. Technologies and Services: DNN, Responsive Grid, SEO, Custom Photography http://www.efficionconsulting.com/DotNetNuke/ctl/details/itemid/652/mid/1747/plm-pallet-logistics-management Administrator Account Mon, 15 Aug 2011 00:00:00 GMT