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DotNetNuke Corporation raises funding through venture capital

The for profit wing of DotNetNuke, the DotNetNuke Corporation, announced an infusion of funding today from a couple venture captical firms. As someone who's livelihood is intricately tied to DNN, I've got mixed feelings about this news. While I fully appreciate that the new funding should help take DotNetNuke to the next level, both from a features and functionality as well as a marketing and penetration perspective, it also worries me that priorities may shift, revenue may trump the "common good", and everything may get more profit minded and expensive. So, we'll just have to wait and see...

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Articles 4.0.10 (Release Candidate 1) - January 8, 2009

We have made version 4.0.10 available as the first Release Candidate for version 4.0. Most of the features and changes have been tested extensively by many users but there are enough changes between version 4.0.9 and this version that I feel it's best to call this a release candidate so it can get some additional external testing before I deem it the full release. View Details

In addition to the new release, I've made improvements to this page and site and have installed the latest version of Active Forums to improve support, organization, and information about this and our other modules. View the Forums.


Improving Your DotNetNuke sitemap

 There's an interesting article on a fairly simple way to improve the sitemap that DotNetNuke generates for you. It doesn't require any core modifications but does set page priority up in a way that makes a lot of sense while also not requiring much work.

DotNetNuke Sitemap Improvement by Equana Solutions

Articles Module

Version 4.0 of Efficion's Articles Module will be a commercial release

Efficion has always been proud to offer some nice, powerful, free and open source modules to the DotNetNuke community. There were 30,000 downloads of version 3.2.6 of our articles module and we answered hundreds of support requests. We always plan to give back to the community that has given us so much in a variety of ways. But after a great deal of consideration, we have decided to begin selling the Articles module rather than giving it away.

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Articles Version 4.1 Released

Image: Articles Version 4.1 Released

Version 4.1 of Efficion's Articles module for DotNetNuke is now available. Our previous release, 3.2.6 was downloaded over 30,000 times. The Articles module provides a range of features that make it a great tool for many uses including: news, announcements, events, blogs, and much more. Learn More...

Articles Module

Version 3.2.6 Downloaded Over 30,000 Times

While version 3.2.6 was available for public download for much longer than I ever anticipated, it is gratifying to note that it had a nice consistent daily download and in the end, was downloaded over 30,000 times when you combine the Install and Source versions. Thanks for all the support and kind words!

Articles Module

Articles 4.1 Development Underway

March 9, 2009

We've been working on the 4.1 release of the Articles module for several weeks now. It will include the following:

  • Comment Moderation: Admins can now delete Comments (editing and replying coming soon)
  • Added the Ability to Sort by Random
  • Limiting Editing of Articles to Administrators and Creators
  • Improved Permissions - We will be using the DNN permissions grid to provide a much more intuitive and granular control over what roles should be allowed to perform what functions (view, edit, create, approve, delete, ...)
  • Detail Display Location: Admins will be able select a specfic module to use for displaying the module details rather than just a page. This will allow a list view and a detail view to existing on the same page.


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DotNetNuke and IIS7 Integrated Pipeline Vs. Classic Mode

When I first started trying to install DNN on a local Vista installation I had various strange errors that I eventually determined to be due to the fact that I was running my IIS7 App Pool in Integrated Pipeline mode instead of Classic (IIS 6). And so, from that I learned DNN can't run in Integrated Pipeline more.

Today, I discovered that DotNetNuke can run in integrated pipeline mode as long as you're running DNN version 4.8 or greater. Charles Nurse discusses this in this blog.

Site Announcement

Missouri Institute of Mental Health

Image: Missouri Institute of Mental Health

Efficion recently completed two internal projects for the Missouri Institute of Mental Health. The first involved the creation of a set of custom modules for DotNetNuke for an intranet project. For the second project we provided assistance in setting up synchronization between laptops that are taken into the field and a central SQL Server database through SQL Server 2008's Web Synch functionality.

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DotNetNuke and MySQL

A question that I see a lot of is, "Can DotNetNuke run on top of MySQL?" The short answer: while It is possible, it is a terrible idea. The same answer is also true for Oracle. But that doesn't mean you can't write DotNetNuke modules that consume data from MySQL, Oracle, or any external data source.

The Long Answer

While DNN does provide a data abstraction layer so that it can, in theory, be run on top of any modern DBMS, the reality is DNN is a very large and complicated system that relies heavily on SQL Server specific Stored Procedures. The SQL used for DotNetNuke is chock full of Stored Procedures. The Stored Procedures improve the performance and security of the system.

A few intrepid souls have attempted to create and maintain MySQL providers but, with the availability of cheap hosting and free versions of SQL Server, there simply isn't enough need for that in order to make it worthwhile and those providers are long out of date.

Even if someone does manage get the latest version of DNN's core running against MySQL, it's still a bad idea because you would lose the key thing that makes DNN special, Modules. You would need to ensure that every module you ever want to use has a MySQL provider and that that provider would continue to be updated throughout the life of the module. Or, you would have to create a MySQL provider for every module that you want to use. The cost of doing this would far exceed the cost of using a hosting company that would provide you a shared SQL Server on which you can run DNN.

But don't lose hope...
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NetCom St. Louis

Image: NetCom St. Louis

 Efficion recently unveiled a new website for NetCom, Inc. The new site is a fairly simple, budget-friendly site built on top of DotNetNuke. The site features integrated video, search engine friendly URLs, photo galleries, rotating photos and quotes, and more. Visit

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DotNetNuke: Hiding and Showing Checkbox with and Javascript

As I build out the settings for DotNetNuke modules, I only like to display settings that are relevant to the other selections the user has made. The best way to do this is with Javascript so users don't have to wait for a postback everytime they change a relevant control.

In trying to put these things in place, I often find the code often doesn't work quite the way I expect (or at least used to expect) it to. The issue usually has to do with the way renders controls. I usually find I have to dig into the source view a bit to see exactly how rendered something and then fiddle a bit to get everything working right.

Here, I'll describe, one particular case where I had two checkboxes linked. The 2nd checkbox should only be displayed when the first checkbox is checked...

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DotNetNuke: Custom Module Permissions

One of the under-utilized features in the DotNetNuke module development API is the ability to utilize DotNetNuke's built in Permissions architecture within your own custom modules.

Rather than having to write your own code to display a grid of available roles and special permissions, it's fairly easy to add your permissions to the existing permissions grid that usually just displays "View" and "Edit".

I found a nice article that gives a very good overview on how to do this
Extending DotNetNuke Module Permissions for Custom Modules

DotNetNuke, Articles Module

Articles 4.1.2 Now Available (Aug. 16, 2009)

Version 4.1.2 of Efficion's Articles module is now available. This release includes a variety of fixes, improvements, and new features.

View the complete list of changes

Articles Module

Articles 4.1.3 Now Available (Aug 20, 2009)

This is a very minor upgrade that fixes one issue with the new "Delete Comment" functionality, improves the styling of the edit and settings pages, and also does some code and markup cleanup in Comments.

Articles Module

Articles 4.1.4 Released (Aug. 20, 2009)

This release fixes an issue with the More Articles link. The Dropdown list that let admins select which page to link to wasn't populating properly.

Articles Module

Templates can now use Repeaters instead of DataLists

Added for jQuery support and cleaner rendering

I'm working on a jQuery based rotator template for the next release of the Articles module. In order to do this properly, I needed to replace the DataList control that Articles usually uses with a Repeater control because the Tables rendered by the DataList weren't compatible (or necessary). Luckily, the nice clean architecture of the Articles module made it quite easy to make it so templates can use either a Repeater or a DataList.

This change will be included in the next release. It shouldn't have any impact on existing DataList-based templates.

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Efficion performed a complete overhaul of Missouri Partnership's website. The site makes extensive use of Efficion's Articles module for content rotators, news, blogs, and more. We also focused on presenting complex data in a way that allows businesses that are evaluating Missouri to explore the data that matters to them.

Technologies:  DNN, Responsive Design, Custom DNN Modules, jQuery

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CRMagnetics needed a new website that provided E-Commerce capabilities, parametric search capabilities, backend integration with their existing MAS inventory and pricing system, improved search engine rankings, intuitive navigation, and a modern custom appearance.
Technologies: AbleCommerce

Site Announcement, Portfolio

Image:, let's you create custom embroidered gifts for babies, infants & toddlers. Makaboo is built on top of AbleCommerce and features a custom-built Personalization Engine, customized checkout workflow, top quality lifestyle and product photography, and lots of little touches to make the site the ideal site for creating perfect personalized gifts.

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