A screenshot of the Main News feed from
A new template that uses border-radius and box-shadows for a clean, simple, modern look
A screenshot of the Edit page... the actual controls on the page change based on various selections and default.
A sample three column template for the Article list. This can be easily created by just setting the RepeatColumns property of the datalist.
A screenshop of Efficion's All Articles page which allows you to filter by Category
A custom list template that displays an artist gallery for Clicking on the artist image or name takes you to the Artist Details.
A sample settings page. Not all settings are shown here as some controls are only displayed when certain settings are selected.

Efficion's Articles Module for DNN

The Articles module from Efficion Consulting is a powerful and flexible Content Management System for DotNetNuke. It can be used to display articles, announcements, latest news, events, blogs, testimonials, and much more.


  • Templates/Skinning- 10 standard templates are provided with the install and an unlimited number of additional templates can be added to allow you to display the Article List exactly how you want it.
  • Images & Thumbnails- An image can be displayed for each article. Thumbnails are automatically generated based on a configrable MaxWidth parameter. Images can be aligned either Left, Right, Top, or Alternating.
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs- URLs generated by the module include the Article Title to maximize rankings for your keywords
  • Intelligent Filtering & Multisourcing- An Article can appear in multiple places within your site. You can choose whether to display only the articles created within the current module or display articles from any module and use a variety of criteria (Featured, Categories, Creation Date, ...) to determine which Articles are displayed.
  • Multiple Sort options- Will be able to specify sort by created date, modified date, expire date, or title.Categories- Integrates with Efficion's Categories Module to allow for filtering by category
  • Comments- You may specify whether registered and/or anonymous users may leave comments for an article.
  • Paging- Admins can set the number of articles to display per page and a paging control will automatically display.
  • Search- Users can search all articles in the portal through the article specific search functionality and the module fully integrate's with DNN's search interface.

Version 5.0 of Efficion's Articles Module for DNN Coming Soon

We've been hard at work on version 5.0 of Efficion's Articles module. The new version features the following changes:

  • New underlying technologies: Built in C# instead of VB and is now a compiled DLL rather than a WSP project.
  • Open Source and shared development: The Articles module will have the MIT license to allow anyone to use it for anything for free. We'll be posting the code on GitHub and DNN's forge and encouraging others to contribute.
  • New Data Access Model: Uses PetaPoco / DAL2 for most data access providing improved performance and flexibility and resulting in much cleaner and simpler code.
  • Improve templates: we've cleaned up templates to make the code cleaner, eliminate all layout tables, and allow a lot more flexibility in design using only CSS.
  • DNN Compatibility: We're targeting DNN 7 and 8 with this release and removing all outdated calls to old code
  • Improve install and upgrade experience: We've updated our manifests and install files for an improved experience.
  • Lots More: There's are lots of addition improvements coming in this release. We'll provide more detail at release time.
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Articles 4.3.1 Released

We've finally released version 4.3.1 of our free and open source Articles module for DNN.

Key enhancements for this version include:

  • Lots compatibility improvements for DNN 6 and 7.
  • Conversion of EditArticle and Settings to DNNForms pattern
  • Template Cleanup - Much less unnecessary markup generated by templates
  • Lots of cleanup and reorganization of Settings page
  • Adds Gravatar support for comments.
  • Added Category Tabs control that allows Tabs of Categories to be displayed at the top of the module so users can filter by a Category by clicking on the corresponding tab.
  • New SlideShow Templates
  • New manifest file for improved install experience
  • Other minor fixes and enhancements

The download link is in the top left corner of this page. Enjoy!

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Articles Module Free Again

We've decided to stop selling the Articles module and just give it away for free like we did in the beginning. The download links will be available for everyone once we finish up 4.3. We also have plans to move the module into the DNNForge once we get further along in making the sweeping improvements we're planning. Stayed tuned! Comments (1)

Version 4.3 Coming Soon

Jan 17, 2014 We've spent the last day working on improving the DNN 6-7 compatibility of the module and finishing up some of the updates that we've made since 4.2.7 was release long ago. 4.3 should be out soon and is hopefully the start of a much more active development path for Articles. Comments (4)

Resuming Active Development of the Articles module soon

We know it's been far too long since we last updated the Articles module. We want to assure you that we haven't forgotten about the module and are planning on resuming active development of the module in the coming weeks.

We got behind on several projects and are finally getting back on top of our workload. We definitely plan or bringing it up to speed with the latest 6.x enhancements including Taxonomy/Folksonomy, the new manifest, and integration with the new Journal API. We also have plans to simplify the architecture a bit.

Once we do get it a bit more up to date, we plan on either putting it on codeplex/dnnforge for free or selling it more actively through the DNN Store.

We apologize for the exceedingly long delay in releasing a new version, hopefully we can keep development more active from here on. Comments (0)
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