Efficion's Preferred Technologies

Efficion Consulting builds and integrates powerful web applications to help organizations harness the power of the web to improve efficiency, increase sales, grow revenue, and decrease costs.

Based in St. Louis, Missouri and founded in 2003, Efficion Consulting delivers economical solutions through the utilization of great open-source software, high-value 3rd Party Solutions, Microsoft's .NET Framework, Javascript Frameworks, and the latest technologies for application development.


Efficion focuses on the more technical aspects of Web Development as opposed to visual design. We provide a full range of services to ensure you get the best possible solution:

  • Web Application Development
  • Business Process Automation
  • E-Commerce and Online Stores
  • User Experience (UX) Consulting
  • Selection, Implementation, and Integration of 3rd party solutions such as CRM Systems, ERP, Order Management, Issues Tracking, Help Desk, ...
  • Integration between websites, legacy systems, and 3rd Party Software
  • DNN / DotNetNuke skinning, module development, customization, and upgrades
  • WordPress Development
  • Intranet/Extranet implementation
  • Database Administration / DBA
  • Issue Tracking Systems
  • Website design and development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Website Hosting


Projects and Announcements

Image: Everidis

Everidis needed help handling a very large increase in sales volume. We  modernized their custom Order Management System and implemented automated integrations with a variety of partners' systems using APIs, EDI, and SQL to automate the flow of order and payment information between systems, eliminating previously manual proceesses and simplifying the accounting and reconciliation processes. We have taken on a large variety of technical roles to really help Everidis run like a well-oiled machine allowing a fairly small staff to handle a large volume of sales. Learn More...

Technologies: React, .NET, WebAPI, SQL Server, WordPress, Azure, .NET Core, PHP

Image: Dynalabs

Efficion has been working with Dynalabs in a wide variety of roles including: implementation of a custom Customer Relationship Management system built on top of their existing data model for tight integration to their overall workflow and data; development of a company Intranet, development of an Issue Tracking system utilized by multiple departments, work on their public WordPress site; and helping with development of an Extranet / Web Application for their clients.


Technologies: .NET MVC, KnockoutJS, Javascript, DNN, WordPress, PHP, SQL Server

Image: GotThisIdea.com

Do you have an idea that you think could make some money are solve a real issue? Do you need help bringing that idea to life? Money, marketing, manufacturing, technical help, ... Then GotThisIdea.com is the site for you. Just $25 to put your idea in front of the people that can help you make it happen, or just by your idea from you.

Technologies: DNN, Responsive, HTML5, Video, KendoUI, WebAPI

Image: DSIJobs.net

A new budget-friendly website for Dedicated Staffing, Inc. The site includes a custom, modern, responsive design and a Job Board that makes it easy for DSI to add open positions and for potential candidates to apply and upload their resume

Technologies: WordPress, jQuery, Bootstrap.

Image: CRMagnetics.com

CRMagnetics needed a new website that provided E-Commerce capabilities, parametric search capabilities, backend integration with their existing MAS inventory and pricing system, improved search engine rankings, intuitive navigation, and a modern custom appearance.
Technologies: AbleCommerce

Barlow Productions
Image: Barlow Productions
A new site for a local photography and video production company. We optimized the site to improve load time, made it easy for the client to add dynamic content like blogs and articles, did Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to ensure they ranked well for relevant searches.
Technologies:DNN, jQuery, Responsive Web Design, Bootstrap