Web Application Development

Efficion specializes in the development of Web Applications - interactive applications that run in a web browser. Examples of some commonly used Web Applications include: Facebook, Quickbooks Online, Google, Pinterest, Amazon.com, SalesForce, ZenDesk, Jira, Stack Overflow, GitHub, ... Web applications can also include things like Intranets, E-Commerce Sites, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), ERP, and much more.

Efficion can handle all aspects of Web Applications from selecting the best existing applications for your organizations needs, custom integrations with your backend systems, to Business Process Automation, to building systems from scratch.

In 2018, some of the web applications Efficion has built, extended, and modified include:

  • A custom Customer Relationship Management System system that fully integrated with the customer's existing data,
  • A flexible Issue Tracking System used by 9 different departments.
  • A custom Seat Selection system that allows 100s of users to select their preferred seating in an auditorium simultaneously. (Technology: Angular, WordPress, PHP)
  • A custom order tracking and management system
  • An E-Commerce system that integrates with the client's back-end ERP system
  • An Intranet that improves internal communications and greatly reduces the amount of internal emails sent as employees can find and share information much more easily.