Email Hosting for your Domain

Efficion offers email hosting for organizations that utilizes the award winning SmarterMail email server software. Features include:

  • Advanced synchronization with third-party email clients (Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.) and mobile devices (iOS/iPhones, Android, BlackBerry, etc.) utilizing secured protocols like IMAP, POP3, and SMTP.
  • A rich webmail interface optimized for desktops and tablets
  • A mobile interface ideally suited for smartphones
  • An integrated instant live messaging system that can be used right from the Web interface or integrated with third-party products like Adium, Pidgin or IM+
  • Collaboration features including shared calenders, shared contacts, tasks and notes
  • File storage for sharing large files or sharing files with everyone in your organization
  • Detailed reporting at the mailbox, domain levels
  • Email and chat archiving, ideal for compliancy requirements
  • Powerful SPAM filtering capabilities
  • Intrusion detection/prevention

Maximize Email Deliverability

In order to ensure your emails make it to the inbox, Efficion makes sure your domain is setup to pass the latest anti-spam protocols

  • DMARC setup and Monitoring - DMARC gives organizations insight into and control over their email channel. It protects brands from being used in phishing and other email spoofing attacks.
  • SPF records - let's us specify what IP addresses are allowed to send email using your domain
  • DKIM - An email authentication method that adds a digital signature to outgoing messages can verify messages actually came from the sender, and not someone impersonating the verify messages actually came from the sender, and not someone impersonating the sender.

Pricing for SmarterMail Hosting

  • Up to 5 accounts | 10 GB disk space | Max 1000 outgoing messages per day - $200/year
  • Up to 25 accounts | 50GB disk space | Max 2500 outgoing messages per day - $400/year
  • Up to 100 accounts | 200GB disk space | Max 10,000 outgoing messages per day - $600/year

All pricing is per domain.

Additional disk space, accounts, and messages

  • 50GB Disk space - $100/year
  • Additional user accounts - $10/year/account (e.g. if you had 7 accounts, the price would be $220/year, 27 user accounts would be $420/year)
  • Additional  Messages - Protecting the reputation of our domains and IPs is very important to us to ensure the highest deliverability for our clients. As such, we don't allow our users to send out SPAM / Unsolicited Email - If you have a legitimate reason for sending large volumes of email, we can discuss options and pricing for that. We have a great bulk email solution that is much more affordable than the major players like Constant Contact but we will need to ensure it is being utilized properly.