Website Design and Development

Web development and Software development are in a constant state of change. At Efficion, we find and master the best technologies so we can deliver the best solution for your needs.

No solution is any good if you can't afford it. We work with our clients to find the right solution for their budget.

Microsoft's .NET is truly a wonderful language/platform for building out the web. Let us harness some of it's power for you.

From complete online stores, to online donations, paid event registration, to selling a single product or service, Efficion has done it all. We'll work with you to find the right solution for your need so you can start generating online revenue.

Our current preferred E-Commerce solution is AbleCommerce, an ASP.NET/Sql Server based E-Commerce solution. It's a great solution out of the box but is also written in a way that makes it easy to customize to specific needs. We've modified it extensively and are very please with everything about it.

We also have solid experience with Magento, Catalook, ZenCart, and OSCommerce. In addition we've built custom, ASP.NET E-Commerce applications for many clients.

The latest JavaScript Frameworks enable the creation of powerful, fast, adaptable web applications that are easy to use and can be built with less code and a faster development time than traditional applications. Efficion has extensive experience building web applications using frameworks like React and Angular. Call us today to discuss what we can build for you!

Efficion provides complete database services on both Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL.

Efficion can help optimize your site to ensure top ranking on all major search engines. Learn More...

Whether you're in need of a complete redesign of your site, a new skin, or improvements to your existing design and skin, Efficion has the skills to bring your vision to fruition. We've established skin development standards that will produce clean, standards-based, skins that render consistently on all modern web browsers.

Websites can be a powerful tool for growing your business, getting your message out, creating communication, filling a need, or just for good ol' fun. Let Efficion build a site that expands your world.

DNN Consulting

When we started Efficion in 2004, we did a large scale evaluation of the best CMS / Application Development frameworks available to serve as the basis of the majority of the sites we would build. We chose DNN (aka DotNetNuke). We now use a larger variety of software but we still love DNN. It's well written, has a great community, and it's immensely powerful and endlessly extensible. It is a great base for many types of websites and web applications.

We offer the complete range of services for DotNetNuke:

Efficion has been building DotNetNuke modules since the earliest versions of DNN. We have .Net expertise in both VB.Net, C#, and SQL Server. Contact us to discuss your project and we'll come up with a plan to make it a success.

Efficion provides premier DNN hosting through our top of the line servers in an enterprise-class data center in downtown St. Louis Missouri. Our hosting package include free annual DNN upgrades to ensure your site is always kept up to date and safe. Learn More...

Need someone to just get you started? Efficion can get you running with a DotNetNuke site in a couple days whether on our server, at a another host, or in your own environment. Efficion has done hundreds of DotNetNuke installs in a wide variety of environments. We know how to get it setup right so you can start building out your site right away.

Wondering how to get your DNN site to do what you need it to? Overwhelmed by the thousands of modules available on SnowCovered and the DNN Marketplace? Efficion has worked with hundreds of modules. We can recommend lots of great modules, show you how to use them properly, and keep you away from the modules the lemons. If there's not a module that does what you need. We can build one to meet your exact needs.

Efficion specializes in producing well built XHTML complient DotNetNuke skins that render consistently on all major browsers. Whether you want us to custon a design for you or just want us to implement an existing design as a DNN skin, we'll get the job done right.

Many people can do 80% of what they need to with DotNetNuke. But when you've gotten over your head or just need a hand with some of the more technical tasks, Efficion can work with you on an hourly basis, answer your questions, or perform small fixed-bid projects to get you where you need to be.

Most people can handle upgrading a DNN site that is still relatively current, but upgrading from 3.x to the latest version can be an involved process. Let the experts at Efficion help get your site to the latest and greatest version. We've been through it all.