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St. Louis WordPress Website Hosting

WordPress has become the far-and-away dominant solution for websites of all types. Whether you need a basic brochure-ware site or a high traffic E-Commerce site, or a customized interactive web application, WordPress can handle it with power and style. Efficion provides the full range of services for all things WordPress. From simple content updates, to hosting, to site creation and redesign, to E-Commerce,  to custom functionality and integrations.

WordPress Hosting

Efficion's servers are hosted in an enterprise class data center in the St. Louis area that provides all the speed and reliability you need. The key to site uptime is redundancy. Our data center provides everything needed to ensure maximum site uptime including multiple fibre trunks from multiple tier-1 providers, uninterruptible (UPS) devices and emergency generators to provide clean and consistent power, advanced cooling, advanced network failover capabilities, and much more. Efficion's use the latest Toshiba SSD's, the latest processors, ultra-fast RAM, intelligent cachine to ensure your website is FAST and Reliable.

Website Creation and Redesign

Efficion can work with you to build a modern, great-looking website that you can be proud of and that will help you interact with your clients, prospects, and partners efficiently and flexibly.


Efficion has extensive experience with the most popular E-Commerce plug-in for WordPress, WooCommerce. Whether you are looking for a simple store to sell just a few items or tickets, or a complete E-Commerce solution, Efficion has experience with all aspects of building out great online stores.

Content Updates

Some WordPress content updates are really easy to make. Some are more complex. Sometimes it depends on how the content was built. Efficion can help you with content updates in a variety of ways, we can make updates for you at a reasonable cost, we can train you to make the updates on your own, or we can generally re-build the content in a way that makes it easier for non-technical users to make updates.