Basic DataGrid

About the Basic DataGrid

The Basic DataGrid makes it very easy for administrators with a basic knowledge of SQL to display in a grid. All you have to do is specify a SQL statement and optionally, a connection string, and the DataGrid will display that data..

There are some security risks in exposing data from your DNN database so make sure you only provide edit capabilities to appropriate, trusted personel.

You can see the sample output below as well as a screenshot of the edit screen. I can't provide the working edit screen as that would allow people to view any of the data in my DNN database.

You can download the source and/or Private Assembly from the Links on the Left.

Please let me know if you find ways improve the code. Check out the AdvancedDataGrid if you're looking for Filtering, Searching, and Sorting Capabilities.

Screenshot of the Edit screen for the Basic DataGrid

A screenshot of the Edit screen for the Basic DataGrid