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Articles 4.0.6 (Alpha 3) Now Available

I've still got a few more things I need to do before I can call this a beta but this release is really shaping up nicely. I am now using it on all my major sites and have done quite a lot of testing. But it will be a few more days before we get to code-freeze and the beta. Here's alpha 3 for those that can't wait.

If you get an error about an "Ambiguous" class definition when you install this, you need to delete the EfficionConsulting.Articles.dll from your bin directory. When I release the beta version, I'll be compiling the module into a DLL again or making both styles available.

Please report any bugs you find in the module to the right.

Articles Module

Update on Articles 4.0.x status

It's been a bit since I posted 4.0.6 but I assure you I have not been idle. Since the release of 4.0.6, over 50 issues have been submitted, reviewed, and responded to, added to the ticket system, and/or fixed. At the time of this writing, there are 21 issues that need to be addressed before we reach beta status. I do plan on releasing 4.0.7 in the next couple days with a variety of fixes and improvements. Click the Read More link for this Article view a live report of the Issue Tracker

Articles Module

Articles 4.0.8 (Beta 1b) is now available

This version contains several significant bug fixes, CAPTCHA for non-logged in comments, SEO enhancements, new options for templates, and a new way of handling CSS. I'll be writing up guidelines on styling the module through CSS prior to the release. I also hope to have quite a bit of additional "Help" information for the release.

There are known bugs in this release mostly relating to particular and less common settings. Click Read More to view known bugs and planned features.

(UPDATE: 4.0.7 had some bugs with Detail Template loading that have been fixed for 4.0.8)

Articles Module

Articles 4.0.10 (Release Candidate 1) - January 8, 2009

We have made version 4.0.10 available as the first Release Candidate for version 4.0. Most of the features and changes have been tested extensively by many users but there are enough changes between version 4.0.9 and this version that I feel it's best to call this a release candidate so it can get some additional external testing before I deem it the full release. View Details

In addition to the new release, I've made improvements to this page and site and have installed the latest version of Active Forums to improve support, organization, and information about this and our other modules. View the Forums.

Articles Module

Version 4.0 of Efficion's Articles Module will be a commercial release

Efficion has always been proud to offer some nice, powerful, free and open source modules to the DotNetNuke community. There were 30,000 downloads of version 3.2.6 of our articles module and we answered hundreds of support requests. We always plan to give back to the community that has given us so much in a variety of ways. But after a great deal of consideration, we have decided to begin selling the Articles module rather than giving it away.

Articles Module

Version 3.2.6 Downloaded Over 30,000 Times

While version 3.2.6 was available for public download for much longer than I ever anticipated, it is gratifying to note that it had a nice consistent daily download and in the end, was downloaded over 30,000 times when you combine the Install and Source versions. Thanks for all the support and kind words!

Articles Module

Articles 4.1 Development Underway

March 9, 2009

We've been working on the 4.1 release of the Articles module for several weeks now. It will include the following:

  • Comment Moderation: Admins can now delete Comments (editing and replying coming soon)
  • Added the Ability to Sort by Random
  • Limiting Editing of Articles to Administrators and Creators
  • Improved Permissions - We will be using the DNN permissions grid to provide a much more intuitive and granular control over what roles should be allowed to perform what functions (view, edit, create, approve, delete, ...)
  • Detail Display Location: Admins will be able select a specfic module to use for displaying the module details rather than just a page. This will allow a list view and a detail view to existing on the same page.


DotNetNuke, Articles Module

Articles 4.1.2 Now Available (Aug. 16, 2009)

Version 4.1.2 of Efficion's Articles module is now available. This release includes a variety of fixes, improvements, and new features.

View the complete list of changes

Articles Module

Articles 4.1.3 Now Available (Aug 20, 2009)

This is a very minor upgrade that fixes one issue with the new "Delete Comment" functionality, improves the styling of the edit and settings pages, and also does some code and markup cleanup in Comments.

Articles Module

Articles 4.1.4 Released (Aug. 20, 2009)

This release fixes an issue with the More Articles link. The Dropdown list that let admins select which page to link to wasn't populating properly.

Articles Module

Templates can now use Repeaters instead of DataLists

Added for jQuery support and cleaner rendering

I'm working on a jQuery based rotator template for the next release of the Articles module. In order to do this properly, I needed to replace the DataList control that Articles usually uses with a Repeater control because the Tables rendered by the DataList weren't compatible (or necessary). Luckily, the nice clean architecture of the Articles module made it quite easy to make it so templates can use either a Repeater or a DataList.

This change will be included in the next release. It shouldn't have any impact on existing DataList-based templates.

DotNetNuke, Articles Module

Articles 4.2.0 Now Available

Version 4.2.0 of Efficion's Articles Module for DotNetNuke is now available. This release adds lots of features and fixes and sets the ground work for new improvements.

Key amoung the features are the new Comment Moderation features that let selected roles moderate comments before they go live. Another key change was reworking the architecture so that list templates can use Repeaters instead of just DataLists which will enable us to better make use of jQuery effects and much more. Look for new templates coming soon to show off our new capabilities.

Articles Module

Articles 4.2.2 Released

Version 4.2.2 of the Articles Module is now available.

Featured Improvements:

  • Lots of improvements and fixes for Search and RSS (both DNN's global as well as Articles specific)
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs
  • Comment Moderation improvements
  • AddThis integration for Social Networking and Social Bookmarking

Learn More...

Articles Module

Articles 4.2.3 Released

This version of Articles focuses on localization improvements, bug fixes for couple obscure issues, and improved XHTML compliance. Read More...
DotNetNuke, Articles Module

Articles 4.2.4 Released

This release includes a great new feature that makes it easy to create articles from external RSS Feeds. If you've ever wanted to pick and choose favorite articles from other sites and let people discuss them on your site, now you can!

In addition, we fixed several fringe bugs and made other underlying enhancements. View full release notes.
Articles Module

Issues with Articles under DNN 5.5.0

We've discovered one error with Articles and one bug with Categories that will affect people running Efficion's Articles/Categories modules under DNN 5.5.0.

1.) A change to DNN's data model in 5.5.0, is causing the Articles module to throw an error when an admin tries to access the Article Settings. We are working on a new release that will handle this bug but If this bug is impacting you, please contact us for an easy fix you can run. More Detail...

2.) The categories module was apparently not building it's clickable links correctly. This issue only became a problem under DNN 5.5.0. Version 3.2.1 of the categories module is now available and fixes this issue.
DotNetNuke, Articles Module

Articles 4.2.5 Released

This release includes several fixes for incompatibilities introduced by DotNetNuke 5.5.x
Articles Module

Articles 4.2.6 Released

Fixes an issue in 4.2.5 that affects people with a special objectqualifier or databaseowner specified.
Articles Module

Articles 4.2.7 Released

This version fixes a couple errors that were appearing during install for some people (but shouldn't have affected module functionality). It also fixes an issue with Showing Expired articles and add a couple new templates.

 View Full Release Notes

Articles Module

Resuming Active Development of the Articles module soon

We know it's been far too long since we last updated the Articles module. We want to assure you that we haven't forgotten about the module and are planning on resuming active development of the module in the coming weeks.

We got behind on several projects and are finally getting back on top of our workload. We definitely plan or bringing it up to speed with the latest 6.x enhancements including Taxonomy/Folksonomy, the new manifest, and integration with the new Journal API. We also have plans to simplify the architecture a bit.

Once we do get it a bit more up to date, we plan on either putting it on codeplex/dnnforge for free or selling it more actively through the DNN Store.

We apologize for the exceedingly long delay in releasing a new version, hopefully we can keep development more active from here on.
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