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AbleCommerce: Force Separate Shipments for some products

One of our clients for which we built an AbleCommerce based E-Commerce site needed the ability to have certain items ship as a completely separate shipment from any other items in the users order, including if the user order multiples of the same item. AbleCommerce doesn't implement this functionality so we had to customize some of the existing functionality... Read More...

AbleCommerce: Improved Coupon Administration Page

AbleCommerce is a great E-Commerce solution but there are a few areas that need improvement and Coupon administration is one of them. We've created a new version of the /Admin/Marketing/Coupons/Default.aspx page that filters out Used and Expired Coupons by default and lets you search for a particular coupon code quickly and easily. The code is quite simple so rather than try to sell this, we're making it available to everyone for free.

Download the code

To install the code, first, MAKE A BACKUP of the original files then simply replace Admin/Marketing/Coupons/Default.aspx and Admin/Marketing/Coupons/Default.aspx.cs with the corresponding files in the zip (do not place the files in the root of your install) and run the SQL in the root of the zip to create the Stored Procedure that is used by the code.

We welcome suggestions for improvements to the code and would be happy to set it up on CodePlex or GitHub or similar so others can contribute.