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Module Categories - Specifying Which Modules are Common

Making adding modules easier for admins
Since the new Ribbon control panel for DotNetNuke has been out, it has seriously bugged me that when you go to add a module, the default module Category is Common and the only module in that category was the HTML module. Because of that, the new Category just made things more confusing.

Today, an intern at one of my clients was trying to make a simple change to the home page of their site and added the Configuration Manager module to the home page. This caused the home page to force users to login and due to another issue caused an error for anyone going to the homepage. Bad.

Once I got that fixed up, I finally had the needed incentive to dig a bit further into the Module Categories piece to help avoid this in the future. As it turns out, it's quite easy to add modules to the Common category.

Just go to Host->Extensions and edit the module you want to add to Common. Then, select Common for the Module Category. That's it.

Now that the Common category actually includes the common modules, I really like that feature and hope it will make it much easier (and safer) for our clients to edit their content.

For our clients, we're doing this for all sites where clients edit there own content. Generally I include the following modules: Efficion's Articles, HTML, Documents, Links, and Ventrian Gallery.

Learn more from this post from Charles Nurse on Module Categories


Joe Says:
6/19/2012 2:58:51 PM
Nice little tip and good to konw! Thanks for posting.
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