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Everidis needed help handling a very large increase in sales volume. We  modernized their custom Order Management System and implemented automated integrations with a variety of partners' systems using APIs, EDI, and SQL to automate the flow of order and payment information between systems, eliminating previously manual proceesses and simplifying the accounting and reconciliation processes. We have taken on a large variety of technical roles to really help Everidis run like a well-oiled machine allowing a fairly small staff to handle a large volume of sales.

Technologies: React, .NET, WebAPI, SQL Server, WordPress, Azure, .NET Core

Some of the tasks we

  • Converted 15 year old custom Order Management Application from a dated .NET web forms application to a new React interface with a WebAPI backend.
  • Implemented integration between their Order Management System and Amazon for both FBA and FBM orders.
  • Automated order management by implementing EDI-based integrations with partners allowing a small staff to handle a much larger volume
  • Improved integration between their Accounting software and Order management software
  • Improvements  to integration between WordPress E-Commerce sites and their Order Management software
  • Moved Order Management System to Azure
  • Updates to WordPress sites and lots of website enhancements and consolidation
  • Converted hard-coded a specialized order interface to a data-driven interface to allow Everidis staff to manage available products
  • Optimization of SQL to improve performance
  • Reporting enhancements



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