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DNN (aka DotNetNuke) is an advanced content management system (CMS) specifically designed for websites, Intranet deployments, and web application development. Administrators are given complete control of their content, layout, security and membership and are provided with a powerful set of tools to maintain a dynamic and interactive site.

As an active member of the DNN open-source community, Efficion devotes a great deal of effort in contributing time and modules for the improvement of the DNN software and community as a whole.

Through the combined efforts of the DNN community, we have created a software framework that is reliable, flexible, and most of all, a powerful solution for meeting the needs of many different types of organizations. Learn More...

DNN Consultants with years of Experience

Back in 2004, when Efficion was just starting up and open source Content Management Systems were a fairly new concept, Efficion performed an exhaustive evaluation of the most popular CMS's in order to choose the best to build our business around. We chose DotNetNuke.

Built on top of the wonderful ASP.NET framework, it was technically superior, had a great community, a growing ecosystem, excellent leadership, had a great, extensible architecture, and was a very solid product. To this day, I feel strongly we made the right choice.

Since then, we've built the majority of our websites, intranets, and web applications on top of DNN. We offer a full range of services. Visit our services page to learn more.

DotNetNuke Related Articles

DotNetNuke: Enable Human Friendly Urls

 DotNetNuke 4.8 added Human Friendly urls, but unlike Friendly URLs, it can only be enabled through the web.config. To enable human friendly urls, replace:

<add name="DNNFriendlyUrl" type="DotNetNuke.Services.Url.FriendlyUrl.DNNFriendlyUrlProvider, DotNetNuke.HttpModules" includePageName="true" regexMatch="[^a-zA-Z0-9 _-]" />


<add name="DNNFriendlyUrl" type="DotNetNuke.Services.Url.FriendlyUrl.DNNFriendlyUrlProvider, DotNetNuke.HttpModules" includePageName="true" regexMatch="[^a-zA-Z0-9 _-]" urlFormat="HumanFriendly" />

UPDATE: In DNN 7.x, DNN incorporated the URL Master functionality for much improved URLs. To enable this, you should now use "advanced" rather than human friendly.
<add name="DNNFriendlyUrl" type="DotNetNuke.Services.Url.FriendlyUrl.DNNFriendlyUrlProvider, DotNetNuke.HttpModules" includePageName="true" regexMatch="[^a-zA-Z0-9 _-]" urlFormat="advanced" />

NOTE: Keep in mind though that no 301 Redirects for existing URLs are created so if you implement this for a site that has been around for awhile, you should make sure to manually create 301 Redirects or set up Canonical URLs for all existing pages to make sure to not dillute your link juice.

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Programmatically determining the site's Fully Qualified URL and Path in DotNetNuke

There are hundreds of different functions and variables available through DotNetNuke, ASP.NET, and HTTP which can give you a variety of variations on your sites URL. I often find myself needing one variation or another as I'm building one application or another. The problem is, I have yet to find a clean and consistent way to get at the site's root or fully qualified URL regardless of whether the site is in a virtual directory (i.e. http://www.efficionconsulting.com or, for sites with virtual directories http://www.efficionconsulting.com/dotnetnuke). For DotNetNuke, I'm now using the following...


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Protect Email Addresses from Spambots

One thing I think it's important to do is to protect my clients from spam. Clients like to be able to put their email address on their sites. But, putting an unprotected email address on a site can soon result in a lot of spam as spambots search sites looking for email addresses to add to their lists, often referred to as "harvesting". There are multiple ways to prevent this...

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Efficion's Clean Skin

Image: Efficion's Clean Skin So many skins, so much bloat...

There are many thousands of skins out there in the DNN universe. Many companies specialize in producing skins for DNN and other CMS systems. I haven't spent a lot of time looking, but most of what I've seen, just isn't what I'm looking for.

As a developer with very strong HTML and CSS skins, and solid but limited image manipulation skills, what I really need is a good starting point so that I can quickly build out a custom skin that speaks to the personality of my client organizations.

Over the years, I've spent quite a bit of time producing and refining a skin that has exactly what I need to get started, and nothing extra. I have focused on creating truly clean, proper, HTML  that works on all (within reason) browsers. And the few nice clean images it does use make it easy to manipulate the skin into any color in the known universe.

You can see an image of this skin now. Soon, I'll be sharing the source of it with everyone. Many people simply won't get it, "Not enough pop", "where's the stock photos", "too generic", and that's fine, but I'd love to see the skin that ships with DNN be a lot more like this.


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Standardizing on Telerik's RAD Menu

One of the biggest drains on our time has been the menu system. As a result, for the last year and on into the future, we now only build our skins using Telerik's Rad Menu. To be continued...

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