Version Information

Version 3.1.3
-Moved style stuff to module.css
-Moved Settings to DNN3 Settings page
-If a filter is specified and "Display All" isn't checked, the datagrid won't populate until a filter is selected.

Version 2.1.2/3.1.2
-Added Parameter Substitution for [dnn:UserID] and [dnn:PortalID]

Version 2.1.1
-Improves the help system so it works like DNN 3.
-Improved Exception Handling on populating the Filter Dropdown

Version 2.1.0
-Adds Export to Excel option (Contributed by Matt Brinkhoff)
-Minor bug fixes

Version 2.0.2.x
-Fixed Bug: First item in Filter list overwritten when Display All option checked.
-Added Online Help link and Documentation link and file
-Updated the general information about the Advanced Data Grid in various places

Version 2.0.1.x
-Style information moved to the top of the ASCX file (contributed by Richard Thurgood)
-Table added to better organize the various sections (contributed by Richard Thurgood)
-Added Sorting
-Added Page Count
-Added options for Paging Styles- numbers vs. Next/Prev

Version 2.0.0
-First release for DotNetNuke 2.0

Version 1.x
New Features-
-Search: Users can search all articles in the portal
-Archive: There's now a More Articles link that will display all Articles or, a custom
link can be input to display a particular page.
-Images: An image can be displayed for each article. Thumbnails are automatically
Generated and a MaxWidth for thumbnail size can be set.
-Uses the TextEditor Provider so that different Text Editors can be used (I'm using FTB 2.0.7)
-Adds ability to Link to External Page, Internal Page, No Link, or HTML
-Featured Articles- allows users to mark an Article as Featured and the Article List
has an option to display only featured articles

About the Advanced DataGrid

The Advanced DataGrid enables advanced users to display data from any data source directly into a Data Grid. Features Include: Sorting, Filtering, Searching, and Paging.

Current Versions:
-For DNN 2.x: 2.1.2
-For DNN 3.x: 3.1.3

Current Features:
-Filter: in the admin page you can specify a field to act as a filter. A drop down will be populated with Distinct values from that Field.
-Sorting: users can click on any column header to sort by that column.
-Search: Allows users to search a specified field for a value. Basically this adds a "[fieldname] Like [value]" to the WHERE clause.
-Paging- Admin can specify whether to use paging on the grid and how many records to show per page.
-Export datagrid to an Excel file.
-Parameter Substitution: SQL can include [dnn:UserID] or [dnn:PortalID] and the system will use the DNN values for the CurrentUserID or the PortalID. E.g. Select FirstName, LastName from Users where UserID = [dnn:UserID].

Please Note: Use of the Advanced DataGrid requires basic knowledge of SQL Syntax and knowledge of the data structures from which data will be pulled. Configuration of the DataGrid is not intended for non-technical users.

Coming features:
Version 2.2
-Inline Editing: Allow appropriate users to edit data within the grid.

Version 2.x
-Ability to Edit data on a specified separate page. Separate page must generated by the developer.
-View more details- Users will be able to view additional item details on a separate page.

The Advanced DataGrid is continually evolving and all Source Code is open and available. If you make improvements, please send the updated code to david at so that changes can be incorporated into future versions.

Advanced DataGrid

BarName: Search
1860's Hard Shell Café and Bar1860 S 9th314-231-1860Soulard
33 Wine Bar1913 Park Ave231-9463Lafayette Square
34 club  Central West End
Absolutely Goosed3196 S. Grand772-0400South Grand
AJ's Nightclub315 Chestnut314-241-7400Downtown Core
Arcelia's2001 Park Ave231-9200 Lafayette Square
Attitude's4100 Manchester(314) 534-3858Vandeventer
Bar Italia Ristorante & Caffe13 Maryland Plaza314-361-7010Central West End
Bar St. Louis612 North 2nd314-241-4550Laclede's Landing
BB's Jazz, Blues & Soups700 S Broadway314-436-5222South Broadway
Beale on Broadway701 S. Broadway314.621.7880South Broadway
Big Daddy's1000 Sidney314-771-3066Soulard
Black Thorn Pub3735 Wyoming314-776-0534South Grand
Broadway Oyster Bar736 S Broadway(cell) 581-3609, bar 314-621-8811South Broadway
Bussone's Wine & Spirits1011 Olive(314) 241-1083Downtown Core
Cafe Balaban405 North Euclid314.361.8085Central West End
Caleco's101 N Broadway(314) 421-0708Downtown Core
Candy's/Chod's St. Louis Bar & Chili Parlor205 N. 9th314-621-8445Downtown Core
Carmine's Steak House20 South 4th Street(314) 241-1631Downtown Core
Carson's Sports Bar1712 S. 9th(314) 436-2707Soulard
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