Before you download the below code, please realize, that it is currently an early stage work in progress and is neither user-friendly nor robust. Support for it will be very limited until it gets further along.

Please send any improvements to adg at efficionconsulting.com.

Editable DataGrid

The Editable DataGrid project is an effort to add editing capabilities to Efficion's Advanced DataGrid module. We're looking at two types of editing:
  1. Inline Editing- Users with Edit Permissions will be able to edit a records data within the datagrid.

  2. Separate page Editing- When the user clicks on the edit link or icon, they will be taken to a separate page where they can edit that record... Within this area we're looking at implementing both custom built pages (nearing completion) and automatically generated pages (design work complete).

The project is moving along nicely and shows tremendous potential. Updates will be posted below and to this thread in the asp.net forums. Comments and discussions should also occur in that same thread.


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Known Limitations/Issues

-All fields are edited as text only with no validation by type, length, ...
-No support for Foreign Keys
-Various Limitations in how Keys are handled