About the Categories Module

The Categories module serves as a base for other modules and allows for the sorting and filtering of records by Category.

The Categories module is currently used in the Articles module and a few other unreleased modules for clients.

Compatibility: DNN 3.x, 4.x, 5.x

Version History:
  • 8/26/2010 Version 3.2.1 - Fix a Bug with the way the Category link urls were created. The prior method caused issues in DNN 5.5.x.
  • 1/25/2009 Version 3.2 - Added Parent Categories, Icons, and Abbreviations. Categories are now hyperlinks that append the selected category to the URL. When used with the Articles module, this will display only Articles from the selected Category. Also, converted the code to the WSP model so that the source is included in the install file and no separate DLL is needed.
  • 11/1/05 Version 3.1- Removed provider code (improves speed and decreases complexity), and removed a Foreign Key reference to the portal table that causes issues on Portal delete.
  • 2/2/05 Version 3.0 For DNN 3.x- Upgrades for DNN 3
  • 2/2/05 Version 2.0.1 For DNN 2.x- Code cleanup and bug fixes.
  • 8/2/04 Version 1.0