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Cleaning and Re-Indexing your DotNetNuke Search Tables

Last week, we put a lot of effort into improvements to the search and RSS aspects of Efficion's Articles module. As part of that, we noticed that no matter how many times you hit the Re-Index content link on the Host->Search Admin page, the links never actually get updated. As we dug further, it became clear that to update the links used by DNN's search and RSS, you actually have to purge the search tables.

This has implications beyond our module so I thought I'd share the steps as a good practice to do every once in awhile on your DNN site to make sure you Search Results and RSS Feeds are linking properly.

So, if your search results aren't displaying or linking the way you'd like them to, the first thing you should try is clearing and re-indexing the search tables. To do this:


1.) Login as host or another superuser account

2.) Go to the Host->SQL tab and run the following as script:

delete {databaseOwner}{objectQualifier}SearchItemWordPosition
delete {databaseOwner}{objectQualifier}SearchItemWord

delete {databaseOwner}{objectQualifier}SearchWord
delete {databaseOwner}{objectQualifier}SearchItem


3.) Go to Host -> Search Admin and click the Re-Index content button. It may take awhile for the re-indexing to complete so give it a few hours before testing again.


If this does not work, there may be another module that is causing issues with Search. Look at your Event Viewer and see if you can find any error messages relating to search.


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