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Version 5.0 of Efficion's Articles Module for DNN Coming Soon

We've been hard at work on version 5.0 of Efficion's Articles module. The new version features the following changes:

  • New underlying technologies: Built in C# instead of VB and is now a compiled DLL rather than a WSP project.
  • Open Source and shared development: The Articles module will have the MIT license to allow anyone to use it for anything for free. We'll be posting the code on GitHub and DNN's forge and encouraging others to contribute.
  • New Data Access Model: Uses PetaPoco / DAL2 for most data access providing improved performance and flexibility and resulting in much cleaner and simpler code.
  • Improve templates: we've cleaned up templates to make the code cleaner, eliminate all layout tables, and allow a lot more flexibility in design using only CSS.
  • DNN Compatibility: We're targeting DNN 7 and 8 with this release and removing all outdated calls to old code
  • Improve install and upgrade experience: We've updated our manifests and install files for an improved experience.
  • Lots More: There's are lots of addition improvements coming in this release. We'll provide more detail at release time.

We are currently testing this version on some of our live sites to eliminate any errors and make sure all templates work well in a variety of skins.

And, we're working towards making Articles a SPA module. More on that later...

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