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2 Replies and 9396 Views Installing and upgrading the Module    9396  2 Started by  David O'Leary The Articles Module is installed like any other DNN Module, just follow the steps below. Upgrading the module also follows the same steps. None of your data will be lost. Log in using a SuperUser or Host account. Go to the Host-> Module Definitions page Look for a Install New Module link or hover over the module menu and select Install New Module. Browse to the zip file for Articles and click open. Click the Upload button and the installation process will begin ...
2 9396
by  BradJump to last post
4/19/2012 7:22 AM
0 Replies and 6650 Views Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)    6650  0 Started by  David O'Leary Why do I get: Invalid object name 'Categories' You must install the categories module before you try to use the Articles module. You can download the Categories module here. I can't edit/delete existing articles AND/OR there's no pencil icon next to my articles. Make sure you logged in with appropriate permissions and that you've got the site in Edit Mode. To ensure you are in edit mode, look at the very top left of your site, you should see a Mode section with options for View and Edit, m...
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1/6/2009 8:43 PM
0 Replies and 5024 Views Importing from the Announcements Module  5024  0 Started by  David O'Leary Here's a SQL Script to help you get started on importing from the Announcements module to Efficion's Articles module. INSERT Article(PortalID, UserId, &91;CreatedDate&93;,&91;Title&93;,&91;Article&93;,&91;Description&93;,&91;PublishDate&93;) SELECT PortalID,CreatedByUser,&91;CreatedDate&93;,&91;Title&93;,'external:'&91;URL&93; as Article, &91;Description&93;, &91;PublishDate&93; FROM &91;Announcements&93; ORDER BY PublishDate 
0 5024
3/25/2014 11:59 PM
5 Replies and 8249 Views Can't make catergory filter work  8249  5 Started by  Roy Helsing I have loaded categoreis, I have loaded articles and assigned them to categories - but don't see how to make the articles filter by category
5 8249
by  David O'LearyJump to last post
12/2/2012 11:19 AM
2 Replies and 9626 Views Styling your Articles Module with CSS  9626  2 Started by  David O'Leary Wherever posible, we try to utilize standard DotNetNuke classes in building out our templates so that the styling of your articles will fit in with the design of your skin without requiring customization. But we also wrap the standard classes with Article specific classes to ensure you can customize the styling of the various pieces of an article solely through CSS. This article will provide examples of custom styling the articles module through CSS. Styling the Article Title For the title, ...
2 9626
by  David O'LearyJump to last post
9/30/2010 4:51 PM
2 Replies and 12332 Views Customizing Article Templates  12332  2 Started by  Matt Everett The Articles module provides a robust templating system which allows customized, portal-specific templates to be specified for the article list display as well as the article details display.&160; The article template files are .ascx files (web controls) that implement the UI elements that are hydrated with the article data, thereby allowing the custom template creator full control over the rendered output.&160; Customizing the display of your content should be easy for anyone with basic ASP.N...
2 12332
by  David O'LearyJump to last post
9/30/2010 2:55 PM
1 Replies and 6517 Views Difference in using List Template and Details Template  6517  1 Started by  Chazter I may be asking a dumb question in using your Articles module but when setting a List Template and Details Template are both settings suppose to be used at the same time I guess what I want to accomplish is to show a Title of the Article and just a READ MORE link. When they click on the READ MORE link, it takes them to a PDF document. I am not sure how to accomplish this I see no difference when setting the Details Template using Basic, Standard and StandardOld. I appreciate in advan...
1 6517
by  David O'LearyJump to last post
9/30/2010 2:53 PM
0 Replies and 5886 Views Problems with DotNetNuke Search or RSS feed  5886  0 Started by  David O'Leary Articles fully implements the ISearchable interface so it should work properly with the global search and RSS feeds built into DNN. If you are having a problem, the first thing you should try is clearing the search tables and re-indexing the content. To do this: &160; 1.) Login as host or another superuser account 2.) Go to the Host->SQL tab and run the following as script: delete {databaseOwner}{objectQualifier}SearchItemWordPosition delete {databaseOwner}{objectQualifier}SearchItemWord ...
0 5886
4/22/2010 11:10 AM
0 Replies and 6636 Views Breaking Change: New Send to Friend image button in 4.2  6636  0 Started by  David O'Leary In version 4.2, we changed the Send To Friend button from an asp:button to an asp:imagebutton. So, if you have a custom ArticleDetail template from version 4.1.x or earlier that includes btnSendToFriend, you will get an error when you try to view a details page that uses that template. &160; To resolve this issue, you will need to replace your asp:button with an asp:imagebutton. &160; The error you'll see if this is your problem will be something along the lines of: &160; Error Loading ...
0 6636
1/16/2010 10:17 AM
0 Replies and 6046 Views Can I get the source code?  6046  0 Started by  David O'Leary You already have it. Articles is built using the WSP (website project) model where the code is included as part of the install and ASP.NET compiles it at runtime. There is no separate compiled DLL. To make changes to the code, just install the module the way you install any DNN module. You will then find the .vb files in the DesktopModules/Articles and App_Code/Articles directories. You can make changes to the code while the site is running and just refresh the page to see your changes. ASP.NET...
0 6046
1/24/2009 6:42 AM
0 Replies and 7319 Views About Article Templates  7319  0 Started by  David O'Leary The Articles module features the ability to completely customize the appearance of the list view and the detail view through the use of templates. Templates provide extremely flexible method of displaying Articles. An unlimited number of templates can be created to display article listings by anyone with basic skills or even folks with a solid understanding of HTML/CSS. The new architecture enables an unlimited number of custom views to be defined to display the list of articles. Th...
0 7319
1/8/2009 10:08 AM
0 Replies and 5874 Views Filtering / Searching by Category  5874  0 Started by  David O'Leary Pretty much from it's inception, the Articles module has provided the ability to filter Articles by Category by including the CategoryID in the URL (e.g. What I didn't do initially though was make an easy way to select the Category you want to filter by. This changed when I made version 3.1 of the Categories module available. With 3.1, all the categories became clickable links that when clicked on, would append their ID to the current pages URL. Yo...
0 5874
1/6/2009 8:35 PM
0 Replies and 6133 Views Displaying Featured Articles on your homepage  6133  0 Started by  David O'Leary One of the key benefits of the Articles module is it's support for 'Content Multi-sourcing', where you can write an article once, and display that article in a variety of formats and places throughout your site. One of the most common uses of this is for display snippets of featured articles on a site's home page. The key to utilizing this feature is a checkbox in the module settings called, 'Display Site-Wide Articles'. Checking this, allows that particular module (i.e. the one ...
0 6133
1/6/2009 8:12 PM
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