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Last Post 1/6/2009 8:12 PM by  David O'Leary
Displaying Featured Articles on your homepage
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David O'Leary
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1/6/2009 8:12 PM
    One of the key benefits of the Articles module is it's support for "Content Multi-sourcing", where you can write an article once, and display that article in a variety of formats and places throughout your site.

    One of the most common uses of this is for display snippets of featured articles on a site's home page.

    The key to utilizing this feature is a checkbox in the module settings called, "Display Site-Wide Articles". Checking this, allows that particular module (i.e. the one on the home page) to display articles from any articles module on your site.

    As an example, say you have an Articles module on your News page, another one on your upcoming events page, and a third on your testimonials page... You can display articles from any or all of these on your home page by adding an Articles module and then in the settings, checking the "Display Site-Wide Articles" checkbox.

    The next key is the use of filters to limit what articles will appear. The first key filter is the Featured filter. When you create or edit an article, you will see an option to make that article "Featured". You can then set the articles module on your home page to display only featured articles by going into the module settings and checking the "Featured Articles Only" checkbox.

    You can also filter articles by date, a maximum number, or category. We'll get into those options further in a separate post.

    The final key piece to being able to display Featured Articles the way you want them displayed is the use of templates. You can use a special template that only displays the Articles Title and Subhead, or Title and Image, or Title and a shortened description. Or a whole host of other options.

    Between filters, templates, and site wide articles, the possibilities become endless.

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