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Last Post 1/21/2010 11:13 AM by  David O'Leary
Ratings module integration - IDs?
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New Member

1/21/2010 11:08 AM
    Hi there,

    I am looking into purchasing a rating module, that would integrate with your Articles module, so people could rate both articles and comments. According to the website their module will integrate with "any other content publishing module that distingush their content with IDs". Does your module do this? I haven't been able to find an answer anywhere in the forums (is this your only documentation?).

    David O'Leary
    Efficion Consulting Staff
    Basic Member
    Basic Member

    1/21/2010 11:13 AM
    Yes, the Articles module uses IDs to distinguish Articles. Please let me know how it works and perhaps we'll promote that as a solution (at least until we get our own rating system in place).
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