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Last Post 9/30/2010 2:53 PM by  David O'Leary
Difference in using List Template and Details Template
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7/7/2010 3:56 PM
    I may be asking a dumb question in using your Articles module but when setting a List Template and Details Template are both settings suppose to be used at the same time?

    I guess what I want to accomplish is to show a Title of the Article and just a READ MORE link. When they click on the READ MORE link, it takes them to a PDF document. I am not sure how to accomplish this? I see no difference when setting the Details Template using Basic, Standard and StandardOld.

    I appreciate in advance on any insight.
    David O'Leary
    Efficion Consulting Staff
    Basic Member
    Basic Member

    9/30/2010 2:53 PM
    Sorry I didn't see this question sooner... Yes, you'll need to pick both a List Template and a Details template. For what you are wanting to do, I'd recommend the TitleOnly list template. If you're just showing a PDF (and using the Detail Type of File) and don't have comments enabled, it doesn't matter what DetailTemplate you select as it will never get displayed.

    The Detailed template is what is used to display the Details when the Detail Type is Text/HTML and/or when the user views Comments. It only shows the single selected article.
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