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Last Post 1/8/2009 10:05 AM by  David O'Leary
Version 3.2
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David O'Leary
Efficion Consulting Staff
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Basic Member

1/8/2009 10:05 AM

    -Comments - Users can now comment upon articles.
    -Paging - You can now set how many Articles to show per page.
    -Improved Localization support.
    -Added Template Support to the Article Listing and included 5 templates: standard, no image, compact, complete, and fancy.
    -Added option to specify a custom select statement
    -Ripped out the data provider code and replaced it with much simpler, yet still abstracted calls.
    -Added image alignment options at the module level.
    -Added support to display and assign multiple categories
    -Sort field can now be specified in settings (created date, publish date, or last modified date).
    -Keywords- the keyword meta-tag can now be set on the details page for improved search engine optimization
    -Reorganization and simplification- The settings interface has been improved.
    -Lots of minor improvements, bug fixes, and improved error handling.
    -Lots of Code and SQL Clean up

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