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Last Post 1/8/2009 10:08 AM by  David O'Leary
About Article Templates
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David O'Leary
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1/8/2009 10:08 AM

    The Articles module features the ability to completely customize the appearance of the list view and the detail view through the use of templates. Templates provide extremely flexible method of displaying Articles. An unlimited number of templates can be created to display article listings by anyone with basic skills or even folks with a solid understanding of HTML/CSS.

    The new architecture enables an unlimited number of custom views to be defined to display the list of articles. There are currently 5 templates included:

    • Standard- Includes the following with minimal formatting: Title, Image, Description
    • No Image- Same as Standard but without Images.
    • Complete- Adds Author and Creation Date to the Standard Template
    • Title Only- A very compact list where just titles are displayed.
    • Fancy- Like standard but adds background colors and other effects. This is included just as an example of how to present a more heavily styled format but doesn't really begin to show the true potential that can be achieved using background images and advanced CSS.

    The actual templates are defined in ascx files that inherit from ArticleListBase.ascx.vb. You can modify any of the existing templates using standard coding and you can add additional templates by:

    1. Copying ArticleList_Standard.ascx and saving it as a new file with a name that ends with ".ascx"
    2. Make the desired modifications to the new file
    3. Edit the Settings.ascx file in the Articles directory and add a new Item to the drpTemplate DropDownList.

    Learn More about customizing Article Templates

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