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Last Post 1/8/2009 11:48 AM by  David O'Leary
Version 4.0 - Release Candidate 1
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David O'Leary
Efficion Consulting Staff
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Basic Member

1/8/2009 11:48 AM

    Minimum DNN Version: 4.4.1

    About this release

    This release is currently a Release Candidate which is the final stage of testing prior to releasing the module. There may be new bugs that have not yet been detected in this release. Backup your site and database prior to installing this module.

    The file provided is both the install file and full source code. To install the module follow the standard DotNetNuke module installation procedure.

    New Features and Improvements

    • Improvements to the way CSS Styling is handled in the provided templates. Learn More...
    • Portal Specific Templates - You can now use the file manager to upload new templates that will only be visible for the portal into which they were loaded. Learn More...
    • The Detail Type can now be a file so your articles can link to a .doc, a PDF, an image, or any other type of file. Users can upload new files directly within the Edit Article page.
    • Article Lists can now be sorted by Expire Date. Useful when using the Articles module to display Events.
    • Added Captcha support for anonymous comments
    • The Categories is no longer required to use Articles but by installing and using it, you get a lot of nice features.
    • Admins can now type in any number for the number of Articles to display per page.
    • It's now easy for Admins to show/hide Expired articles through a new item in the Action menu.
    • Improved SEO- The article Title is now added to the Page title for improved listings on Search Engine results.
    • Improved RSS capabilities
    • Disable Add New: You can now disable the Add New Article functionality for a module when Display Site Wide Articles is checked. This is useful for preventing users from adding articles to a module that is just supposed to display Articles from other modules like a Featured Articles module on the home page.
    • Converted to the WSP development format where no separate DLL is required. All code is included in the DesktopModules/Articles and App_Code/Articles folders and can be changed without requiring a recompile.
    • Lots of Bug Fixes and smaller improvements. See full report.

    Known Bugs/Issues

    While ideally we'd never ship code with bugs, we have chosen to release some versions with bugs that are minor, will not affect most people and/or for which there are known work arounds. We expect to have the following bugs fixed for the next version, 4.0.12.

    • Article Search Returns articles that have not been approved
    • Sorting by Title Causes error
    • When articles are indexed by the DNN Search Engine, some words may include HTML markup and thus will not return properly in search results.
    • Link Tracking is disabled: We were experiencing some errors when using DNN's method of Link Tracking so this has been disabled until we find the proper solution.
    • There are some slight oddities in the RSS feed being generated by the module.


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