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Last Post 1/6/2009 8:43 PM by  David O'Leary
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David O'Leary
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Basic Member

1/6/2009 8:43 PM

    Why do I get: Invalid object name 'Categories'
    You must install the categories module before you try to use the Articles module. You can download the Categories module here.

    I can't edit/delete existing articles AND/OR there's no pencil icon next to my articles.
    Make sure you logged in with appropriate permissions and that you've got the site in Edit Mode. To ensure you are in edit mode, look at the very top left of your site, you should see a Mode section with options for View and Edit, make sure Edit is selected.

    Where's the Project (.vbproj) file?
    Version 3.2 and greater should include the .vbproj file. I don't use Visual Studio for development, instead I use a free open-source IDE called, SharpDevelop. I have not tested opening/building the project with Visual Studio, please let me know if you run into problems.

    Why isn't the categories module integrated into the articles modules?
    I separated out the Categories module so that it could used other modules created by me and other developers. It doesn't make sense for each module to have it's own categories, there should be portal-wide categories shared by all modules. Unfortunately, I haven't yet convinced the core team to integrate Categories as a core module.

    Why aren't the other modules from the page displayed when I view Article Details and why does the skin change?
    Version 4.x provides a variety of options for how you want the Article Details to be displayed. More information will be provided soon...

    Error Message: "You don't have permission to see the files on the site".
    This isn't a problem with the Articles module, it is a DNN setting that you need to change. Goto Admin/File Manager. At the bottom is a section to give View and Write permissions to roles.

    Why isn't Syndication/RSS working?
    The are two primary issues:
    1.) Syndication relies on DNN's Search Mechanism and any modules that implement the Search Interface may be causing errors with Search Indexing. The User Defined Tables (UDT) module that came with DNN 3.1 often caused the problems. Look through your Exception Logs in the Log Viewer (under Admin) and fix any issues relating to Search Indexing.

    2.) The other possibility is that you're trying to syndicate a module with the Site-Wide Articles option checked... Articles are assigned the moduleid from the module in which they are created... If the ModuleID is specified in the rss page URL, then only Articles that originated in that module will be displayed. The solution varies... If all new content is through Articles, you may be able to leave off all the parameters, i.e. Otherwise, you'll need to consider your options.

    Does Articles work on DNN 4?
    Yes. It has been tested on several installations and works fine. If you're having problems, it's probably due to something else.

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